Training Courses - Locations and Dates

Kinesiology Training Courses Brighton & Hove

Introductory Workshop

1 day
on request

Kinesiology Training Foundation Course Levels 1-6

Recruiting Now

6 weekends

16th September        MOD 1

14th October             MOD 2

18th November         MOD 3
December TBA        MOD 4
Mods 5 and 6 to be set for 2018

Kinesiology Foundation/Diploma 12 modules

please dont worry if there are dates you can't do
We can always work something out
12 modules

4th/5th  March 2017          MOD 10

1st/2nd April                     MOD 11

13th/14th May                   MOD 12


Kinesiology Practitioner Treatment Day 1 day 16th February 2017

Facial Rejuvenation Massage - Locations Vary

Certificated Course (for Therapists)
 3 days
on request
Workshop for NON Therapists 1 day
on request

Why not host a One Day Introductory Workshop
Save on the course fee


"The purpose of learning is growth,
 Our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live." 
 Morris Adler


7th/8th January         MOD 8

4th/5th  February       MOD 9

4th/5th  March           MOD 10

1st/2nd April             MOD 11

13th/14th May           MOD 12


16th September

14th October

18th November