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There are a number of natural remedies in flower essence formulas - Australian Bush, Crystal essences etc., which all resonate with our thoughts and feelings in different ways.  I use the 38 Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Essences in my kinesiology treatments and they form a very powerful part of my natural remedies toolkit to help people feel better.  These flower essences can be used under the tongue or dissolved in water for use during and after the treatment. I also have some cards which help with the selection process alongside muscle testing.

When my clients can articulate their feelings, I am able to choose the relevant natural remedy for them very quickly, and I have the added bonus of being able to muscle test to ensure I have the absolute priority for them. I can even test children and animals through a surrogate.  Sometimes however my clients are unable to express their discomfort in words - particularly where children are being treated.  Then I can use the psychology of colour to help access the relevant emotion and pick the relevent natural remedy.  Based on the theory of the Luscher Colour Test, each Bach flower natural remedy is aligned to a combination of colour choices and combined with ESR the results are truly amazing.

I have had FANTASTIC results with Flower Essences - with adults, with children, with babies, with animals and even myself.!!  Their gentle power should not be under-estimated

  • This can be a standalone treatment -  See my prices for details. 
  • Also I can provide Flower mixes which are diluted and suspended in brandy and water ready for use which is far more economical than having to buy complete bottles
    If you would like this, please contact me to discuss mixture and how to make payment.

Any other special requests please just phone me 07787 194337 or contact me