Kinesiology Foundation Training Course

This Foundation Course is Suitable if you are :

  • Interested in health and wellbeing
  • A complete newbie to Natural Health
  • An existing Practitioner wanting new skills
  • Nutritionists wanting client compliance
  • Homeopaths wanting diagnostic tool
  • Parents, Teachers, Community Workers
  • Chiropractors, Osteopaths
  • Individuals wanting a Career Change
  • Beauty therapist wanting holistic approach
  • Personal Development / CPD
  • Wanting some time out for yourself

Learn to Balance:

  • Nutritional
  • Emotional
  • Chemical
  • Structural
  • Physical
  • Electro-Magnetic
  • Chinese 5 Elements
  • Acupressure Meridians
  • Chakra Energy

All at the same time !

SUPERB course materials/AMAZING techniques to learn

Why Attend a Kinesiology Foundation Course?
BECAUSE - It's absolutely FANTASTIC!
Accredited by the Kinesiology Association AND Independently by the CNHC

£1395 : INCLUDED
12 days training (unless one to one)
See video here to the right
ALSO:  Free Foundation membership of Kinesiology Association throughout Foundation course
3 Free Nutritional Test Kits
First seminar with the KA free of charge
Online videos of all the muscle tests
Final assessment

COURSE DATES                 BOOK HERE

Neuro Lymphatic Points                                      Supraspinatus
Neuro Vascular Points                                         Pectoral Major Clavicular (PMC)
Introduction to Meridians                                      Psoas
Concept of Strong Indicator Muscle                     Latissimus Dorsi (Latts)
Cross Crawl                                                         Anterior Deltoid
Dealing with and testing for Dehydration             Quadriceps (Quads)
Emotional Stress Release  -  ESR                      Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL or FL)
Techniques to aid Learning Difficulties                 Pectoral Major Sternal (PMS)
Visual Inhibition
The KA Code of Ethics

Seven Factors of IVF                                             Teres Major
Introduction to MEI/Tonification points                    Subscapularis
Pulse Synchronisation                                           Deltoids - Middle & Posterior
Diaphragm Breathing                                             Sartorius
Fears and Phobias                                                Teres Minor
Gaits and Figure 8 Energies                                  Gluteus Medius
Food Testing  and Protein / Mineral Test

Self Talk and Balanced Affirmations                    Levator Scapulae
Pause Lock                                                          Neck Muscles
Emotional Tissue Memory Scanning                   Hamstrings
Energetic Switching                                             Levator Scapulae
Checking for Priorities                                          Piriformis
Introduction to Chinese Five Elements                Upper Trapezius
Wrist Pulses for Over Energy              
ESR Past Present and Future
Music and Stress Relief
Breast Congestion

Over Energy for Emotions/Goal Setting           Quadratus Lumborum (QL)
Realms Finger Modes                                       Infraspinatus
Thymus Tap                                                       Iliacus
Fix in Motion                                                       Pronator Teres
Fixations Piriformis, Psoas Hamstrings,           Supinator
Pulling it all together                                           Opponens Pollicis Longus (OPL)

Pause Lock Stacking and Two Pointing            Brachioradialis     
Emergency Modes                                             Adductors
Spindle Cells & Golgi Tendon                             Peroneus
Introduction to Alarm Points                               Tibials
                                                                            Anterior Serratus
                                                                            Pectoralis Minor
                                                                            Lower and Middle Trapezius

Surrogate Testing                                               Coracobrachialis
Origin & Insertion Massage                                Gastrocnemius
Final Assessment                                               Gracilis
                                                                            Gluteus Maximus

"  Linda is a natural teacher and instructor. She is able to convey sometimes complex techniques simply and with clarity. Her teaching materials are also clear.  She is professional, patient and happy to support students after the courses are complete.  I can't recommend her highly enough  "

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