Kinesiology, Reflexology, Primitive Reflexes for Children

I love working with children and have been very successful in helping them through a range of difficulties.  Investing a bit of time early in life makes it easier to unravel health issues and prevent future problems which became more entangled and more difficult to treat.

I can adapt different treatments to suit their needs and use a combination of:

  • Bach flower and Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • I can use colour psychology if necessary to pick essences
  • Kinesiology (with or without a surrogate)
  • Retained Primitive Reflex Techniques - life-changing for adults and children alike
  • Reflexology (feet and hands)

I also use a range of natural health supplements, should they be required, in liquid form which are great for children who dont like swallowing large tablets.

Although I can see children for a whole range of conditions and problems, you may be interested to read about my approach to ADHD and Anxiety/Stress in children  You can also read about Retained Primitive Reflexes

I would be happy to discuss this in more detail with you before you make an appointment so you can understand my approach and make sure it is right for both of you.  I am also happy to meet both you and your little one (or teenage one..!) beforehand to ensure they are comfortable.

"For several years we searched out and tried an exhaustive list of natural and alternative therapies in an attempt to alleviate if not cure our son's ADHD. In April this year, we had all but given up hope and believed that medication was now our only option. In the month that we waited to see the consultant paediatric psychiatrist we had Linda come to our house and assess and treat our son using Kinesiology. To our complete delight our son recorded his best ever school week following the initial session with Linda. Since then we have had several home visits with Linda and our son has gone from strength to strength both at school and at home. We as a family are extremely delighted and believe that the change in our son is nothing short of a miracle. Linda has helped us to become the normal, functioning family that we longed to be and given us a son who is  now reaching the potential within himself that we always knew was there  AP East Grinstead"

"It was great to meet with you after personal recommendation from a friend.  Before you met my daughter, she had regular stomach cramps and was waiting for a consultant's appointment as there was no obvious cause or pattern.  After Kinesiology, you quickly identified food and chemical products that she reacted to and recommended for these to be eliminated from her diet / lifestyle. Following your advice, quick results were seen, and she has not had severe stomach cramps since. Thanks so much - such a simple, pain free system that has worked wonders for her (and me!)."  RS Storrington

My Son who is 3 years old was suffering a very strange array of symptoms, throat clearing cough and scratching a rubbing on his knees, wrists, fingers and hips. Was diagnosed with tics from a specialist, but was unconvinced as he looked as if his skin was crawling and really irritating him (he would say it hurt). We were recommended to Linda, on the first visit my son was a little uncooperative so Linda worked through me while I held his hand. Well I was amazed at what happened, that with certain substances there was a weaknes in my arm or leg while I held his hand, but when I let go my arm or leg was strong! After testing the whole contents of my larder,Linda concluded that strawberries, toothpaste, birch trees and sugar all seemed to be an issue for him. So after eliminating some and reducing others and taking a vitamin c supplement to boost his immune system,  and a couple of treatments, his irritations reduced significantly.  Even the GP couldnt believe the difference in him..!!   I would highly receommend this treatment for children as it is uninvasive and unstressful, and in our case it works!  HC Billingshurst