My Approach to Fears and Phobias with Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy which assesses imbalance in the body by noting how an arm or leg muscle responds under the challenge of light pressure.  As well as helping all manner of physical and structural imbalances by means of lymphatic massage, acupressure points and nutrition, it is also a very powerful tool to help with emotional problems, fears and phobias aswell.Dealing with phobias

"My young son suffered with his phobia for 4 years before seeing Linda for a kinesiology treatment.  This is the best money I have ever spent.  Just one treatment made all the difference to his phobia and the fact that he is now happy and confident means that as parents we can relax now too.  Absolutely wonderful."  MW Storrington

Techniques such as EFT have been developed out of kinesiology.  With kinesiology we are able to test a muscle and then retest it to see if the response changes when a verbal challenge is suggested to the client.  This is particularly helpful for phobias. For example, if a muscle relating to the brain or stomach was strong, then went weak after the suggestion of the word “cat”, we could reasonably assume that the client had a problem with cats which was affecting the muscle response and more specifically the stomach meridian.  However, it needn’t necessarily be a fear or phobia of cats – it could be more specific, such as a pet that was ill, or allergy to cat fur.

"I came across Linda after trying and failing for 18 years to overcome my unusual phobia of eating fruit and vegetables, and within the first few sessions of kinesiology, my whole perspective had changed to all my eating habits!   I began finding ways to introduce fruit and veg into my diet without doing 'too much too soon' and therefore stuck to it rather than panicking like I usually do. I also have a new found confidence in myself as I used to fade into the background and let people walk all over me at work and have since had the courage to move jobs and stand up for myself.  Linda has completely changed my life!!  BG Worthing

Kinesiology is a holistic practice, treating the emotional, chemical, nutritional, structural, physical and electrical elements of the person.  Treating fears and phobias also receives this approach.

Kinesiology has some excellent techniques to deal with phobias – sometimes eradicating lifelong fears in a very short timescale.  If a client visits me with a fear or phobia they want to resolve I would find out :

a)         how long they have suffered from this particular phobia and how this phobia affects their life

b)         whether they can pinpoint an initial event which triggered the phobia

c)         what makes the phobia worse and/or better

d)         what difference it will make to their lives to be rid of their particular phobia

e)         on a scale of 1-10 how serious is the phobia – ie, just by thinking about the phobia, what number 1-10 describes the panic they feel

By means of muscle testing I would then lock the response into the body temporarily.  target the specific meridian which is affected by the fear and pinpoint flower remedies and nutrition (Vitamin B Complex is excellent) which will help the individual and with a combination of talking to the client about the fear, when it started and tapping on the specific meridian end points which are affected, reduce the clients fear from 10 to 5 and sometimes 0 in one session.  Clearly this depends on the level of fear and phobia, how long they have suffered, other factors connected with the fear and how much they want to be rid of it.   Strange as it may sound, there may be an unconscious reason or benefit for the client to hold on to the phobia which can delay the process of allowing themselves to be rid of it.  Throughout the treatment I would be holding Emotional Stress Release points and talking to the client the whole time.  Sometimes a previously unknown connection surfaces, forgotten memories emerge which shed light on what appears to be a completely irrational fear.

The advantage of Kinesiology over EFT for eradicating fears and phobias is that we can muscle test to see exactly which meridian is blowing the circuit and the additional use of Chinese Five element theory helps us further personalise the treatment.   I have had great success with kinesiology and eradicating phobias - from established well known phobias, to more random fears.  I love a challenge and very much enjoy helping clients let go of these limiting worries - it can truly change lives.

Sometimes retained primitive reflexes can hinder clearance of fears and phobias.  My training enables me to integrate these within each Kinesiology balance so as to find EVERY element that is preventing you moving forward.

So if you are struggling to eradicate your own fear or phobia - however long you have had it - I CAN help.... take the first step in empowering yourself and contact me now....


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