My Approach to Fertility Pregnancy and Maternity

Systematic Kinesiology is a diagnostic and treatment modality that works with the whole person in a natural and holistic way.    By testing different muscles in the arms and legs which relate to organs and Chinese meridian circuits, we are able to pinpoint areas of “stuckness” – and more importantly what has contributed to this and what will help correct it.  In a way it’s a bit like visiting a chiropractor, nutritionist, counsellor and acupuncturist all in one go as we test and treat the emotional, physical, chemical and electro-magnetic/energetic elements together.

This can be used to great effect in the area of fertility, pregnancy, maternity, childbirth and new parenthood in the following ways:

Emotions:      Past guilt, fear of birth, fear of parenthood, trying to be perfect, not feeling worthy

Chemical/Nutritional:        Pinpoint nutritional supplements that will help support a body preparing for both pregnancy and birth.  Also identify areas of diet which could be changed for the better and support when breastfeeding

Physical:        Support mother as she is going through bodily changes which impact comfort, gaits, sleep, neck, joint and ankle pain.  All this discomfort can all be relieved through kinesiology treatments, lymphatic massage and stimulation of vascular points.

Electrical/Energetical:       Stimulation of acupuncture points (NO needles), tracing of meridian circuits and other techniques can help balance the body.  Also check that mobile phone and laptop technology are not impacting on health.

It’s worth pointing out that these treatments are not just for the female half of the relationship!!!   When dealing with fertility issues I like to treat both halves of the relationship as pregnancy is a joint effort!   Additionally fathers have emotional needs post pregnancy as well as mothers, as the additional pull on their time and the change in family dynamics has an effect.

There can also be an impact if there are retained primitive reflexes within either of the prospective parents. I am fully trained in retained primitive reflex techniques and can integrate these within my kinesiology sessions.

Linda Belcher is a Systematic Kinesiologist and Reflexologist working from her practice in Southwick, nr Brighton, Sussex.   She is able to combine kinesiology and reflexology treatments for the benefit of mothers, fathers and children.