Kinesiology for emotional distress/anxiety/depression in your child

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It is not always easy to face your fears and talk about them, especially for a child who suffers from depression and finds it hard to let go of the anxiety surrounding their condition. Todays modern lifestyle fails to nurture our children as we would want them to be nurtured: stress at school, peer pressure, school testing and a constant competitive environment is a real challenge for a young mind. The unnecessary stress that arises as a result is preventable, and Kinesiology is a great tool to determine the quickest and most efficient way of re-balancing your childs body and returning it to its most natural state of health. Kinesiology is especially great for children (and adults!) who have troubles with expressing their problems verbally because through gentle muscle testing their body will quickly reveal what needs help and how.

 "My young son suffered with his phobia for 4 years before seeing Linda for a kinesiology treatment.  This is the best money I have ever spent.  Just one treatment made all the difference and the fact that he is now happy and confident means that as parents we can relax now too.  Absolutely wonderful.  MW Storrington"

It is important to recognise where a child has a predisposition to anxiety in the early years of development so they can be helped before the influence is embedded.  Very often I find that children have Retained Primitive Reflexes and balancing these can have the most enormous benefit in a relatively short space of time. Children are resilient – they tend to have a much better ability than adults to bounce back from ill health and recover their emotional clarity and wellbeing. Often all they need to maintain optimum health is gentle guidance and mindful observation of their symptoms. Let your childs' body reveal its' own path for healing, by observing and analysing its bio-feedback mechanism through Kinesiology muscle testing. This is a safe and gentle practice which will allow you and your child to enjoy regaining control and witnessing the recovery of emotional and physical health.

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It is important to recognise depression or predisposition of a child to anxiety in the early years of development so that it can be dealt with holistically before it has a chance of influencing the best years of life.   Help your child restore their health naturally.

Where there are retained primitive reflexes that are not fully integrated I can also test and balance these within a kinesiology session and give some simple exercises to do at home to enhance and speed the effects.

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