My Approach to Headaches and Migraines

headache2I have to report a marked improvement in the reduction of my headaches, due to the treatment, supplements & exercise ! Why could no-one within the NHS suggest any such treatment instead of allowing me to suffer endlessly for over 5 years ? The transformation is quite remarkable after only 1 treatment !

Regular headaches are incredibly debilitating and sometimes within Kinesiology we can find a solution in a relatively quick space of time

"After just 2 kinesiology sessions with Linda, the frequency of migraine headaches, which have plagued me for 15 years, dramatically reduced. I have tried many other alternative therapies over the years with no real relief and little understanding or explanation of the condition.   I have since had a further treatment and I cannot stress just what a relief this is to me.  I would highly recommend Linda as a very professional, knowledgable and caring therapist who was, and still is, genuinely interested in my situation and recovery."   MS Chichester

There are a number of things I question with all my "headache" clients :

  • Water.   Many headaches - particularly if you wake up with one - are due to dehydration - either through not drinking enough (water) throughout the day OR due to hangover!    Drinking alcohol increases the need for water, as does drinking tea and coffee which are very dehydrating.  Aim for 2L a day but if you are starting from zero, gradually increase the amount each day.   The analogy of watering a dried out plant is applicable here - when you water it the water flows over the edge without being absorbed - your body is just the same - in a severely dehydrated body water wont sink into the cells immediately and you will complain about running to the loo every 5 minutes!!  Gradual sipping throughout the day rather than glugging down half a litre in one go is the order of the day
  • Sleep Hygiene.  Sleep with the window open, even in winter.  Stale air is not conducive to a good nights sleep and can encourage headaches in the morning
  • Caffeine Withdrawal.   Be aware that stopping drinking tea and coffee immediately WILL result in headaches from hell if you don't do it gradually.  It can also be incredibly stressful for the body as your liver tries to detox
  • Food Sensitivity.   Not always relevant but can be a contributory factor.   If there is something you eat a lot of or can't imagine "living without" that can be a concern - also stuffy mucousy nose or post nasal drip can indicate food sensitivity.  If you can't get to see a Kinesiologist then try eliminating suspect foods for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference
  • Stress.   A biggie - not always admitted in a first visit but there is no question that it negatively impacts on health generally.  Kinesiology stress relief techniques are a massive help here.
  • Nutrition.   Generally speaking, depending on what other symptoms someone presents with, I would test for B complex, Omega oils, Zinc and Magnesium.  Also B3, B5, B6 and B12 and if there is a sugar problem, chromium
  • Blood Sugar Levels.  If someone doesnt at regularly and properly, fluctuating blood sugars can affect brain function and headaches.  There is a technique within kinesiology that I use to find out whether this is relevant
  • Structural Problems - particularly neck muscles.    Poring over a laptop, inadequate seating at work, poor car seat adjustment, stress, whiplash and injury can all contribute to headaches caused by imbalance in the neck and shoulder muscles.  Lymphatic massage on specific points relating to neck, upper and middle trapezius,levator scapulae can all help.  Neck muscles can also relate to sinuses and are on the stomach and kidney meridiens.
  • Hormone imbalance.  Either peri-menopause, menopause or menstruation can all contribute to headaches.  Kinesiology testing would need to be employed here to find exactly what was required.  There are also some acupressure points that can be gently stimulated which need to be given during a kinesiology session.
  • Pain Killers.  Yep, frequent use of pain killers can eventually CAUSE more headaches...

I also like to know things like when they started, frequency, time of day/month, whereabouts in the head they occur - sometimes it can be sinus related.

Home help for when you HAVE a headache or can feel one coming on

  • Sometimes a cup of good quality strong coffee can stop a headache in its tracks - followed 45 minutes later with a large glass of water
  • Sleep - if possible - when you feel something coming on
  • Self talk and relaxation  -  darkened room
  • Lavender oil on temples - massage temples gently
  • Deep slow breathing - again with lavender and self talk
  • Massage head and pull hair gently
  • Trigger points - press and hold the following
    • on junction of the web between thumb and forefinger pushing against the forefinger side
    • fleshy part of the thumb
    • stand with hands by side, where the second finger falls
    • on the foot between the big and second toe
  • A nutritional supplement I can supply as natural pain relief called Nurocyte from Nutrigold.
I hope all the above has given you food for thought.  Kinesiology is fabulous for cessation of frequent headaches as it addresses the WHOLE and will always aim to REDUCE and eventually eliminate taking pain-killers which should be reserved for "special" occasions.  So where the above self-help hasnt made too much difference do get in touch with me because individuals can be complex and a kinesiology session can "join the dots and finish the jigsaw...."


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