Emotional Wellbeing

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to determine imbalance in the body.   Each muscle tested relates to an organ and a Chinese meridian.  When finding a muscle that is unable to withstand gentle pressure, as well as treating the physical weakness with lymphatic stimulation and nutrition, a Kinesiologist can also temporarily “lock into the body” the effect on that muscle – and hence the organ and meridian – of a particular thought or emotion.  This is a very powerful way of showing the client exactly what effect the mind is having on the physical body AND how simply and safely kinesiology can treat and deal with the most traumatic of memories.  We can also use metaphors which relate to the Chinese 5 element theory to help identify the emotion which may be relevant to that particular muscle weakness.Emotional Wellbeing Kinesiology

"Linda helped me when I was at my lowest emotionally.  I have seen her a few times now and with the help of kinesiology and certain vitamins and minerals I am feeling a whole lot better, being able to cope with life so much more positively than before.  Linda has helped me get back on track and I will always be thankful to her.  JM Steyning

As a simplified example – client presents with bloating and stomach cramps which have been happening for 3 months since a bereavement.  On muscle testing the fascia lata muscle (in the outer thigh) which relates to the large intestine meridian shows weak.  In Chinese 5 element theory the large intestine is in the metal element which relates to grief and by asking the client to temporarily locate a relevant thought, we can check the relevance to the muscle weakness and then find support for them.  This support may take the form of Bach flower remedies (maybe Star of Bethlehem or Rescue Remedy), nutrition (maybe B complex) and also ESR (emotional stress release which is a gentle technique used to help the client talk through – or think about – the issue).  Together with lymphatic massage and meridian tracing, the client’s energy system is balanced and the muscle retests strong, both without the thought and with it.  Does this mean that the client no longer feels any grief or sorrow – no of course not, but what it does do is help remove a layer of stress which, if allowed to build up, will cause further physical health complaints and it can, if the client is ready, allow the emotion to surface and break the link.

In a similar way the clients Chakras can be checked for weakness.  By holding a hand over the Chakra area and testing a strong indicator muscle, we can establish where weaknesses lie and use colour, bach flowers or reiki style healing to rebalance.

Sometimes Retained Primitive Reflexes can also be relevant and I am fully trained in testing and integrating these for children and adults alike