Hi, I'm Linda Belcher

Stressed Out HR Exec to Natural Health Practitioner

Although my treatments are about YOU and how I can help YOU, I hope my story will resonate and you will feel comfortable booking in with me to see how I can help you achieve the natural health you desire. 

I spent 32 years in a commercial environment – mainly within the field of Personnel HR Management - and honestly I loved it..!  I'm a stress bunny and the job certainly fulfilled that. During that time, I remember a very rare lunch break - an opportunity to get away from a snatched sandwich (or 2.!) at my desk.   I was thrust a leaflet asking "are you tired all the time? are you stressed? digestive problems, weight gain (the sandwiches.!)?..". etc and I went down the list ticking them all..!!   I had never head of kinesiology but it sounded amazing and I thought I'd give it a go.  Primarily I was exhausted and this leaflet seemed to offer me a solution.... and boy it did that and more.  I lost weight, had more energy, digestive issues were eliminated and I wasnt constantly grabbing the nearest sugary sweet or chocolate bar.   

I was REALLY impressed by the holistic approach and non-judgemental techniques used and although my job took me away from a central base and I had to cancel some appointments, I never forgot my awesome Kinesiologist.

Fate Intervenes

At the end of a particularly dreadful year personally I was made redundant.!   However I brushed myself off and decided that it was an opportunity rather than a calamity.  I needed some time off to recover from the stress and I remember I had asked my Kinesiologist one day "do you teach this stuff" and she had given me a brochure (which had sat in my drawer for some time !). Strangely enough I found it and  -  like fate - a recurring theme -  a Foundation Course was starting one week after I was made redundant. I attended the training from 2006 with absolutely no intention of using it professionally - it was a treat to myself -  then I qualified at the end of 2007.. !!!

I now absolutely LOVE helping clients achieve optimum health – I understand their confusions and struggles – and like to think I am a HUMAN Practitioner (flawed – work in progress !), rather than a Stepford Wife Type Practitioner (annoyingly perfect..!). 

Another Call from the Universe

After I qualified, the opportunity presented itself for me to become a Tutor.  This was amazingly fateful as coaching and training were particular elements of HR that I loved.... So now I am able  to pass on this wonderful knowledge that so few people are aware of.  Supporting and encouraging students through their training - seeing them grow in confidence by using techniques on friends & family and, if they want to, become successful Practitioners in their own right is one of my greatest pleasures.

I am also an Advanced Reflexologist (combining Pregnancy and Fertility) and am able to use this interchangeably with the Kinesiology.

I am a proud Trustee and Diplomate member of the Kinesiology Association and approved accredited Advanced Tutor.  I was thrilled and honoured to be made “Kinesiology member of the Year 2019 and I have many qualifications and CPD, which if you ‘ve made it this far and are interested, I’d be happy to share with you. Thank you for reading.

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