Back Pain and Kinesiology

Regular kinesiology treatments can help people with back pain by looking at a number of factors:
  • water intake – the PSOAS muscle is involved in swinging the leg across the body and can be involved in lower back pain.  This muscle relates to the kidney meridian and can be aided by increasing the amount of pure water drunk
  • the jaw – often problems relating to structural imbalance have a relationship with the jaw and can lead to sciatic pain as well as back pain
  • looking at the shoulders and apparently unrelated muscles.  Our body is very adapt at making compensations and what can appear to be the problem (in this instance back pain) is often actually created from somewhere else in the body
  • emotions – these are connected with EVERYTHING
  • lifestyle – driving seat, laptops, computers, mouseing, heavy lifting etc
  • meridien energy - holding acupuncture points can rebalance the circuit and cause a shift in energy which will help the overall wellbeing
  • Injury Recall - where there is a traceable "first cause"

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