Learning Difficulties

Kinesiology can help children who have learning difficulties.  By testing the muscle which is connected to the Central Brain Meridian, Practitioners can quickly assess where the circuit is being "blown" and find out what will help rebalance it.  This can be nutrition (fish oil supplements are helpful as can be beta carotene and B complex), chemical toxicity removal (wheat, dairy and sugar are the main offenders), emotions (flower essences such as larch, mimulus, aspen, gorse) water, even structural imbalances such as in the neck and jaw.  So how do we treat... Every child is different and the beauty of kinesiology is that it looks at the whole person, not just presenting symptoms.

We can also reset the child's fears, anxiety and frustration about learning.  When children have bad experiences they tend to assume that these will automatically continue and create negative associations to the activity.   By muscle testing we can find out what the negative association is - to the detailed extent of which letters, phrases and sounds are causing the problem.  We can show through the muscle test what can make this worse - for example certain foods, and then by getting the child to read or write while rubbing certain lymphatic points, reset the body to believe it will be a positive experience.   I will also use a technique called Emotional Stress Release which is fantastic for a range of worries and concerns and is worth the cost of the treatment alone.!  I am also a fully trained retained Primitive Reflex Practitioner and this testing can prove to be a real "lightbulb moment" for clients and parents

However treatment doesnt just end in my Practice room.  I engage with the parents and give exercises and techniques that they can try out at home.  Indeed it is crucial that the treatment continues at home on a regular basis and the techniques are really easy.  It also means that clients get exceptional value for money and quick tangible results - when their child arrives home happy from school because learning the sounds just "clicked", when they go up a level in their reading groups and bring home books from a higher colour band.  Maybe they earned a motivational sticker or were rewarded in some other way.  Side effects of anxiety are also reduced and eliminated - such as bed wetting, nail biting and behavioural problems which are always symptoms of something else going on.

It really works.....try it and see