Kinesiology Diploma Course This course combines PRACTITIONER and DIPLOMA in 1

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12 modules (24 days) face to face teaching and workshops
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Become a Fully Qualified Kinesiologist

You will need:
Cert.KA  (or equivalent)                                Nutrition to ITEC Level 3                       
Anatomy & Physiology to ITEC Level 3
First Aid EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work)
I can help you with options for training - to be done before after or during the training


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Next course starts Chippenham
Starting November 2023
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Payment options


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2023 - starting November
12 weekends - Chippenham
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2024/25 dates also published

Modules and Contents

Practice Mgt                 Starting your Practice / Belief in Modality
Practice Mgt                 Role of Holistic Practitioner
General - Ethics           Red Flags and Medicine Act
Practice Mgt                 Promoting Kinesiology, Marketing examples
Practice Mgt                 Blocks to setting up practice?  Thinking Hats
Practice Mgt                 Communication Skills
General Technique       Finger Modes
General Technique       Activating Filters
General Technique       Difference between Static/Dynamic/Challenge
General Technique       Powers of Stress - hypertonic muscles
General Technique       Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 Testing

Electrical                        Electrical Realm, Finger mode
Electrical                        Cloacals
Electrical                        Hyoid
Electrical                        Centring
Structural                       Gaits
Electrical                        Blood Chemistry
Electrica                         lIonization
Electrical                        Alarm Points
General                          Pre Stressing
General                          Pulse Synchronisation
Electrical                        EMFs….. Test kits
General Technique        Accidental Self Surrogating
Electrical                       Energy in Balance - Subtle Bodies, Aura, Meridians, Crystals, Music, Harmonics

Emotional                      Verbal Challenges, Alarm Points for Emotion
Emotional                      Psychological Reversal, Eye Rotations/ I Release / Affirmations
Emotional                      Self-esteem and Self Talk
Electrical                       Chakras and Aura Leaks
Electrical                       Tuning Forks
Emotional                     Temporal Tap
Emotional                      Phobias & 9BP
Electrical                       Scars
Emotional                      Emotional Bruising
Emotional/Structural     Spondylogenic Reflex to the Diaphragm
Electrical/Emotional      CX meridian and feeling introverted
Chemical                       Biochemical Finger Mode
Chem/Nut                      Nutrition review
Chem/Nut                      Alarm points for nutrition
Chem/Nut                      Riddlers Points
Chem/Nut                      Hypochlorhydria Digestive Insufficiency

Chem/Nut-Structure        Ileo-Caecal Valve – ICV and Houston
Chem/Nut-Structure        Ileo brake challenge
Chem/Nut-Structure        Gastro –Colic challenge 
Chem/Nut                        Carbohydrate (CHO) intolerance tests 
Chem/Nut                        Digestion - Heartburn, H pylori, Crohns, UC, IBS, SIBO, Leaky Gut, die off, metabolism
Chem/Nut                        Contraindications and recommended reading - Drugs, Herbs, Vits, Pregnancy
General                            Test Vials & double checking findings
Chem/Nut                         Dosing and Timing of Supplements
Emotional and all              Past Trauma Recall/Age Recession
Structural                         Atlas
Chem/Nut                         Allergies, Histamine
Chemical                         Psychological Reversal and Food Intolerance
Chemical                         30 Second Allergy Balance
Chem/Nut/Allergies         Saliva Blood & Urine
Chem/Nut/Allergies          Energy Mismatch

Chem/Nut                       Liver and Toxicity
Chem/Nut                      Detox Pathways
Chem/Nut                      Liver & Thymus Tap including Visceral Referred Pain
Chem/Nut                      Kidney, Lung, Colon Support
Chem/Nut                      Extracellular Matrix/Lymph
Chem/Nut                     Test for EFAs, Inflammatory Prostaglandins, Free Radical Excess
Chem/Nut                     Heavy Metal Toxicity
Chem/Nut                     Mercury and Amalgam
Chem/Nut                     Leaky Gut
Chem/Nut                     Microbiome
Chem/Nut                     Fungus Parasites and Viruses and Biofilms
Chem/Nut                     Immune System & Thymus Tap
Structural                     Hiatal Hernia
Chem/Nut                    Hypo-glycaemic Tendency - Fluct Blood Sugar - Insulin
Chem/Nut                    Parotid Salivary Gland
Chem/Nut                    Homocysteine test / Cholesterol / Heart / Salt Sugar
Endocrine                    Endocrine system testing
Endocrine                    Hypothalamus
Endocrine                    Anterior and Posterior Pituitary
Endocrine                    Pineal
Endocrine                    Parathyroid
Endocrine                   Thyroid
Endocrine                   Thymus
Endocrine                   Pancreas
Endocrine                   Adrenals

MODULE 6 - 2 days

Structural                    Postural Analysis
Structural/General       Injury Recall Technique (IRT)
Structural                    Vertebra and Organ Involvement (Moving Bones)
Structural                   Subluxations (Spinal alignment & Lovett Brother)
Structural                   Vertebral Fixations
Structural                   Spinal Torque
Structural                   Dural Torque
Structural                   Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
Structural                   Ligament Interlink and Ligament stretch
Structural                   Retrograde Lymphatics
Structural                   Anterograde Lymphatics
Structural                   Walking Gait
Structural                   STO Technique
Structural                   Shock Absorbers

Structural                     Vagus Nerve
Structural                     Vagus Nerve
Structural                     Chronic Valves
Presentations               Presentations of Research Papers - 10 minutes each
Elec/Structural             Alarm Points again
Structural                     Reactive Muscles
Electrical                      B&E points (Hypothalmic) Fuse
Electrical                      B&E Neurotransmitters
Electrical                      GV20
Electrical                      B&E IRT
Electrical                      Location Quality Memory of Pain
Structural                     Sacrum Balancing - 5th lumbar fixation

Structural                       Structure Handout - digging deeper
General / Assignments  Work on each other - swap and observed - hand in write up next module
Structural                        Cranial Faults
Structural                        Categories / NOT

Electrical                       PRYT
Structural                      Uterine Lift / Ptosis
Structural                      Abdominal Floor
Structural                      Cystitis Technique
Structural                      Lateral Sway
Structural                      Vision: Far and Near sighted
General                         Peripheral Vision
General                         Blood Pressure
Structural/                     GeneralSagittal Suture spread and tap

General                        Surrogating a Muscle
Electrical                      Biological Clock - Now and Then
Structural                     Aerobic and Anaerobic muscle testing
Structural                    Sustained Testing
Structural                    Bilateral Glute Max
General                       Silent Rapport
Structural                    Carpal Tunnel, wrist, neck, knee, shoulder
Structural                    Teeth
Emotional                   Choosing Flower Essences through Colour
General                       Left Brain Right Brain, Brain Integration, Learning Difficulties

Emotional                  Setting Goals and Metaphors
CPD and further postgraduate study
Other modality inputs
Mock Exam
Mock Assessment
Review Learning Journals

Final Exam
Final Assessment

Independently Verified by the CNHC

Set up by the government to protect the public by providing an independent UK register of complementary healthcare practitioners. Protection of the public is the sole purpose.

They set the standards that practitioners need to meet to get onto and then stay on the register. All CNHC registrants have agreed to be bound by the highest standards of conduct and have registered voluntarily. All of them are professionally trained and fully insured to practise.

I have just completed the Diploma course - what an incredible year it's been! I have learned and developed so much, both professionally and personally. As a Kinesiologist, Linda is amazingly intuitive (we call her witchy-witch) and I love that there is no dogma in her approach to a client session. She allows her knowledge, experience and intuition to guide her to fixes which are full of care and creativity. As a person, I am in awe of her compassion and total lack of judgement of others, as well as her sense of fun and ability to be down to earth. As a teacher, what I valued the most was the way she created a totally safe and trustful learning environment in which we all became our own version of Kinesiologists, as well as the best of friends. We have been allowed to experiment, test and try to our hearts' desires - without fear or judgement, but with guidance. I feel equipped and empowered to develop my business, thanks to Linda."