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"The BEST reflexology treatment I have EVER had..."  LT Forest Row

"I couldnt have asked for it to be any better"

Reflexology Southwick, BrightonLinda is a really wonderful Reflexologist.  She treated me when I was ill with flu which became pneumonia and then developed into pleurisy and she came every week to help clear my lungs and without her help I would probably not have made such a quick and thorough recovery.  She continues to treat me on a regular basis and leaves me feeling so relaxed - I do fall asleep sometimes, and always sleep well for several nights after which is wonderful for a long-term insomniac! JC East Grinstead

 I just wanted to report that following our appointment yesterday, I feel astonishingly better.  My toes are almost pain-free and I didn’t even try the epsom salts or apple vinegar yet.  Plus my left shoulder feels looser than it has in a year or so. I expected results but not quite to this extent and so quickly!  So, many thanks. I obviously made the right choice given that we are spoilt for therapists in this part of the world.  I look forward to seeing you again  MW Hove

Thank you Linda for today's treatment, as always spot on. Thank you for the care over the past year the circulation in my legs has really improved and was commented on by the nurse when I had my annual check up.  SP Shoreham

"Struggling under huge emotional stress from personal problems, my course of reflexology with LiSouthwick, Reflexologynda left me largely free from tension and definitely saved me from “losing it” completely.  Her manner is kind and sympathetic but very professional, and the treatments utterly blissful.  There can be no more pleasurable way to get better!" GS Brighton

Thanks for treatment this morning - walking on air again now.... SP Shoreham

"I found the reflexology very relaxing & felt quite energised after treatments. Linda's approach was both sensitive & professional. Her knowledge of other therapies & adjunctive advice were helpful & informative."  TE Shoreham
"Oh, you are SOoo good...."   SP Worthing

Reflexology Shoreham by Sea

"After years of trying every trick in the book to get rid of a stubborn verruca on my foot, I was over the moon when Linda was able to try reflexology by covering it with a plaster and treating over the top. Linda has a lovely caring and professional approach and I came away from each treatment feeling completely relaxed and and refreshed, with an added bonus of seeing the verruca decrease gradually over the course and eventually disappear!" BG Worthing

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