My approach to Weight Loss with Kinesiology

confused about foodBeing told to “eat less, move more” is not always desperately helpful.  Obese people on the whole are “starving” in the sense that their bodies are not retaining nutritional benefit and are crying out for sustenance.  Also, many overweight people ironically, don’t eat enough – either of good quality foods or in general and their bodies have gone into famine mode – “wrap everything up and store it as fat as there is a crisis on”.

My approach with kinesiology (manual muscle testing) is to not just focus on WHAT is being eaten - although this is of course important.  Counting calories, points and fat grams are banished for good in my programme, as is skimmed milk!    We need to establish what is out of balance and where – emotionally, chemically, structurally and electrically – in the holistic approach it is often staggering for people how balancing seemingly unrelated elements have a knock-on effect elsewhere:

  • Emotional           

Language – “weight LOSS” – if we LOSE anything our instinct is to then go and find it again……hence the yoyo cycle of losing weight and putting it on again

Fundamental conflicting thoughts – for example, the mind thinking “I wish I was slim”, monkey on shoulder saying “you’ll never be slim”, monkey on other shoulder saying “you’re fine as you are”.  With kinesiology we have many techniques to deal with these monkeys AND to establish whether your subconscious mind is sabotaging you too.  We are all programmed from childhood to accept certain self limiting beliefs and with kinesiology we can find which ones you are holding onto and re-write the programme.

Self esteem – a gentle look at how you feel about yourself and how this impacting on your life AND crucially how you think your life will be different if/when you are your “ideal” weight or size. See how it would be if you could accept yourself for who you are now.

Self control and motivation – empowering techniques and strategies for dealing with temptation

I use Bach Flower Essences and Australian Bush Essences in my sessions.

  • Chemically        

Chances are your blood sugars are rising and falling dramatically – hence you may crave sweet things throughout the day as a quick fix.  We need to assess, through muscle testing, what nutritional support is needed to help this process.  No need for guesswork or staring at shelves full of supplements wondering what to buy.

Food sensitivities - sometimes eliminating just a couple of foods temporarily helps the body reset itself and this can be enormously helpful

Dealing with confusion and conflicting nutritional advice - you may be bored after years of trying different diets and your mind could just be utterly confused with what you should or should not eat.  I will help you identify what you LIKE to eat (it doesn’t have to be purgatory.!) and dispel a few myths about fats.  I will discuss what you like to eat and when – ie are you a morning person or evening, do you prefer to snack throughout the day or just eat 3 meals, what do you most like to eat (protein, carbs, meat, veggie).  Then you will be empowered to make your own choices – if you WANT to be told what to eat, I can do that too….!

  • Structurally         

Pain in the body is very debilitating and if we can deal with lymphatic congestion this is often very releasing. 

Also I can test to see if there is a sub-clinical thyroid energy imbalance

You will need to exercise – no gyms involved unless you want to. Simple exercises to get the lymph flowing and congestion released

  • Electrically         

Water is very important to the body so I will test for the effects of dehydration.  Also there is a chance that wi-fi, Bluetooth and electromagnetic stress are having a negative effect on your metabolism so I will look to correct any imbalance there.

I can also balance chakras through reiki or kinesiology and again, compounded with emotional support this can be enormously helpful to motivation and willpower.

Regular treatments are important, and if your budget is tight I can discuss alternative shorter more regular treatments rather than long treatments spaced out too far apart.

I cannot stress enough that kinesiology is a HOLISTIC modality and therefore looks at the WHOLE of you.   I will never weigh you and will discourage you from doing that too.  I am the last person to lecture ANYONE on reducing their weight.  I will however look forward to your success in achieving the best you can possibly be – and that impacts your whole life, not just what you look like.

If you are ready to improve your life, contact me:     Linda Belcher,  07787 194337 – or email [email protected] – or have a browse through my website


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