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I really don’t like exercise (I actually first wrote “I hate exercise” but feel that it’s not “right” to hate something that’s pretty important…!)    I always rather admire those people who go hiking up mountains, enjoying the open vistas and marvelling at the views while hardly breaking a sweat…. or those who look forward to every opportunity to exercise their body and go out on their bikes come rain or shine.  I was always hopeless at sports and the last one to be picked for the school teams…I hated everything about sports day, cross country running, netball and rounders.    I did love dancing however and did do that regularly into my late teens but sadly let it go by the wayside as it wasn’t “fashionable” at the time.  Now, if forced, I tend to prefer an exercise class – where once you’re IN you can’t get OUT till the end (lol) at least not without making a show of yourself.   The gym always sounds ideal – work at your own pace – no competition with anyone other than yourself – but Oh So Boring and Easy to do a bit and then head for the coffee shop (which always has cakes – ironic..!)  or spend more time by the water cooler…!

Of course I am well aware of the benefits of exercise – endorphins, those little feel good hormones that keep you pepped up and perky, are produced in abundance during and after a good workout.    The lymph system needs massage or movement to remain healthy (give me a massage any day….!!!) as does the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding the brain.  And of course the heart is a muscle which requires exercise like any other to keep fit.  Metabolism is boosted if an exercise regime is kept up to date.. so all in all exercise is a bit of a no-brainer…!

Nevertheless, I would still rather watch sport than play it – I love the idea of dancing but the current craze for Zumba leaves me cold (so many mirrors…!)   SO what to do?    I got to the point where Something Had To Be Done as my waistline started to expand ever more speedily, conspiring with the Menopause to turn me into a blob.!   Also, and more importantly, I was getting puffed just THINKING about running for a bus!  

On the basis that it’s important to find SOMETHING that you enjoy I returned to the swimming pool (taking nascent iodine to offset the chlorine).   I am over the annoyance of taking ages to dry (why is that when I can dry quite speedily after a normal shower....) and cover myself in natural moisturiser with essential oils to offset the smell.   ALSO I started thinking about how to incorporate day to day exercise into day to day activities to turn them into habits (dont they take 21 days.???) and here’s just a few of what I have come up with:

While waiting for hot water to run in shower:   Plank and sit ups – my aim is to hold the plank long enough that the hot water runs to cold….. seemed impossible initially but my time is increasing….

While waiting for the kettle to boil:   Wobble board – balancing on these little gems exercises the proprioceptors and strengthens my ankles, my core and stops me falling over on a regular basis.  Its rather fun!

In-between clients:  Cross crawl – this is a great and EASY exercise that gets the lymph and CSF moving, improves co-ordination and brain power – and I recommend it to ALL my clients so I must practice what I preach ;).  It also clears the energy ready for the next person.

Just before leaving the house – 20 repetitions of up and down the bottom stair – we need new carpet anyway!

Sitting in traffic – repetitions of holding Abs in and pelvic floor muscles

All of the above combined with some kinesiological positive self-talk, rubbing of bananas (contact me if you want to know more about this one...;) ;)  and visualisation of rock solid Abs and nutcracker thighs – who knows maybe I will learn to love it and be queuing up waiting for the Zumba class to open…


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  1. Em Cotton

    Thanks for this Linda. I also really dislike doing exercise for exercise-sake. You're so right about incorporating it into day to day activities though. I really dislike getting into cold water so swimming is a no-no for me but I do love my bicycle. I also love the fact that I can hop on it to go into town, saving money on bus fares/parking & it's just as quick. (only when it's not raining of course!!). x

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