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Simple Swaps to Health

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Fizzy water                             Plain water

Tea & Coffee                           Start swapping 1 a day for hot water/ginger or herb tea

Cows milk                              Goat milk for tea/coffee. Rice milk or Almond milk for smoothies & porridge

Sugar                                     Stevia / Zylitol / Coconut Sugar / Lucuma

Olive Oil for cooking                 Coconut oil

Bread                                     Genius Bread gluten free

Cakes                                    Make your own with coconut flour

Breakfast Cereal                     Quinoa Porridge, Home made Muesli

Mashed Potato                       Mashed Caulifower/Mustard

Pasta                                     Courgette ribbons made with peeler

Cream                                    Plain Yoghurt

Biscuit base                           Crushed nuts, seeds, prunes

Pancakes                               Banana/Egg pancake

Biscuits                                  Oatcake and nut butter or raw honey    Spelt flour Biscotti

Ice cream                                Mashed avocado, honey, yoghurt……..  OR  Frozen berries blitzed with plain yoghurt and honey

Wine or alcohol                        Iced coconut water or beetroot juice (acquired taste)  or iced herbal teas

Meditation                                One minute meditation each morning and afternoon


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  1. Emma Cotton

    This is really useful - thanks Linda! x

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