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When I was a child there was a programme on TV called “Bizzy Lizzy”.  This little girl – called Lizzy – had a flower on her dress (which she wore ALL the time..!) which was magic.   As a child I loved magic – still do!   Whenever she touched this flower and made a wish the wish came true – how cool is that.  The draw-back was that she only got 3 wishes a day (shame) and if she over-did it and made 4, all 3 of them were rescinded….

I was thinking about this the other day – partly as a bit of reminiscing down memory lane (doing my family tree) and partly because I heard someone say we are all looking for the “one” thing that will revolutionise healthcare.   My inbox is full (or was till I got ruthless) with emails

promoting the “latest” therapy or supplement – newsletters promising the end to all my troubles and health problems – new eating plans to solve our weight issues/thyroid imbalance – the list goes on.

Should we eat broccoli or acai berries – should we eat raw or steamed – should we not have too many eggs – what about carbs – but doesn’t too much protein adversely affect the kidneys – don’t we just have to think positive and everything will be ok – high fat or low fat – fluoride or not – vaccinations or not – vegetarian or carnivore – vitamin D, vitamin C – which brand - there is just so much confusion and I’m sure much of it is caused by media manipulation.

The truth is of course, there is no “one thing” that will resolve all – if there was think how many Bizzy Lizzy dresses would be sold.   I think deep down we all know that but it’s still very alluring when a glimmer of hope is reignited by the latest craze or fad.

To some extent that’s why I love kinesiology – it’s not “just one thing”.  The treatment is composed of 4 or even 5 elements depending on your belief system.   Looking at emotional factors, chemical factors, physical factors and electro-magnetic factors all in one go is incredibly powerful and life enhancing and through muscle testing we can find out what is right for YOU – one mans’ meat really is another mans’ poison – and in the process eliminate so much of the confusing mixed messages infiltrating the sub-conscious mind.

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  1. Jane

    Lovely summing up, Linda - I quite agree Kinesiology is not just "one" thing so helps so many people in many different ways!

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