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Thinking Positive - Really?

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In the lovely circles I now mix in, “positive mental attitude” and “thinking big” and “thoughts become things” are all phrases I hear a lot of - and that really is great.   I wholeheartedly believe that illness is caused by constant negativity, and who wants to be around a whinger and whiner all the time!

In kinesiology we have many techniques for enforcing positive affirmations, and very successful and helpful they are too.  However, when I am teaching these to students, as a dyed in the wool realist I like to proffer a teensy word of caution – “there is a fine line between positivity and delusion”.  This is particularly relevant in the world of self-employment when surrounded by lovely positive people who are active proponents of the “say it how you want it to be rather than how it is” brigade.  So for example “oh yes I’m fully booked up till Christmas” or “I’m earning three figure sums already”.    Of course real cynics would just say that it’s a lie but the danger is that in my view it breeds discontent and disillusionment in those who have not yet reached such dizzy heights of success.

So by all means, be positive, visualise your success, really go out and get what you want, but don’t drag other people down unintentionally when those particular thoughts become lies.

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  1. Jenny Rutterford

    How true! I'm permanently walking that tightrope between brides thinking you must be a good photographer because you're busy, and the reality of the first year of building up a business. It's one of the main reasons I joined Athena, as networking with other self employed professionals helps to keep you grounded and affords you the opportunity to be honest and share the good with the downright tough. Well Put Jenny - couldn't agree more. Thank you for commenting. Linda

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