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Should you be Perfect

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Oh how I have asked myself this time and again..!

How many hairdressers do we see with a less than perfect hairdo.. or carpenters with much work to do at home .. or dentists with awful teeth… or manicurists with chipped fingernails - you get my drift.!?

Of course, the truth is that none of us are “perfect” – or as I prefer to think “perfect in our imperfections”.     I guess we are all “work in progress” which a bit like the Forth Road Bridge – is never-ending, or always ongoing. 

I do believe we should strive to be the best we can be and if we are expecting others to partake of our treatments, should really show faith in them ourselves.  Amongst the complimentary therapy industry there is a culture of “swaps” – ie bartering treatments like for like.  This is great and certainly better than not having the treatment at all.  However, I would go further… I believe that a really excellent Holistic Practitioner – be it kinesiology, reflexology, homeopathy, counselling, chiropractic, nutrition - should be willing to pay for their own regular treatments and not necessarily expect to treat that Practitioner in return.   That’s because for any complimentary therapy to work effectively, it needs to be regular and preventative.  If we are expecting clients to be patient with results and book regular treatments themselves, we should practice what we preach AND aim to get our own house in order with the treatment we are selling ourselves.

So does that mean that the Practitioner should be a perfect size 10 with glowing teeth, abundant energy and sparkly white clothes – all the time.. I guess that would be nice.! Personally I find that a bit off-putting and would rather be treated by a real human being with their own problems and foibles.   I also don’t want to be preached at – either on facebook, twitter or in person.  But it’s nice to see what can be achieved, and be inspired by someone’s story and maybe empathise with their own struggles along the way.




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