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What Cost Health?

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Cost of HealthI was googling something to do with the cost of my car the other day and came up with this analogy for the cost of natural preventative healthcare.

Apparently the average cost of running a car these days is £6700 p.a.  You certainly wouldn't want your car to run out of fuel, oil and water and have to have it serviced and MOT'd

Having a kinesiology top up treatment with me 4 times a year would cost just £200 - treat it like insurance.....!

Thats £16.66 per month, or £3.84 per week or 56p per day

So - one bag of crisps per day OR 10 cigarettes per week OR 2 lattes per week....  Is that really not worth doing the swap for improved energy, reduced stress levels and a better running engine..!!!

Cost of Health

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