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Do What you Cant

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Tips for doing what you dont want to

You know how it is - you know what's "good for you",  you know what you "should" do, but somehow it's just too easy to forget...!!  So my blog today is about how to make some of those tedious processes become easy good habits and a bit more manageable.    To kick off:  -


Yep - we know we should drink it, we know why but somehow it just seems SOOoo unappealing. 

  • If you are an office worker keep a jug or bottle on your desk - don't intimidate yourself with a whole 2L bottle, OR drink the whole lot in the morning and spend your lunch hour in the loo, make it manageable and attractive.   
  • Buy a nice glass to drink from or some little moroccan tea cups.    Get a jug and fill with  cut up lemons, limes, oranges, frozen kiwi slices, cucumber, mint - whatever takes your fancy.  SIP it through the day.
  • If you can't face cold water in the winter, warm water is great with slice of lemon or chunk of peeled ginger
  • Herb teas count as water in my book - good quality ones obviously.   My favourites are PUKKA and they do individual bags so you can find out what you like.  YOGI teas are great too.


I like oatcakes but I always find I have to finish the whole little packet otherwise they will go stale!!

  • Buy a container, empty ALL the oatcakes in there and just take out the number you actually want so none go off


Flossing - SOOoo boring

  • Floss the top teeth in the morning and bottom teeth at night (or vice versa!  get creative lol)


I don't have time to go to/ hate the gym

  • Don't go then.!   Little and often is better anyway.   Ignore the lift and take the stairs, do cross crawl 5 minutes at a time 3 times a day (contact me if you don't know what cross crawl is)   Park the car round the corner, or use a different bus/train/tube stop and walk.  Incorporate movement into your daily life rather than dedicating it as a chore
  • Find an exercise you DO like  -  maybe yoga, or dancing, or swimming.   There are lots of funky dance classes available that raise the endorphins and keep you fit.

I have the mother of all headaches when I stop drinking tea/coffee

  • Yes, this can be hell..!!    Personally I feel that cutting down gradually is better for you.  Replace one cup a day with something else, then increase to two a day and so on.  Gradually increase the space between each cuppa
  • Drink lots of water and increase protein. Support your body with milk thistle and lots of B vitamins.

I can't give up chocolate

  • Well, you have a choice here.  If you WANT to give up chocolate remember your goal - remember WHY you are giving up and think "do I want goal x OR the chocolate".   If you have a craving then this could be a magnesium shortfall or chromium - your kinesiologist will help you here, together with affirmations and goal achieving techniques.
  • OR if you do want chocolate (and why not I say.....!) then make sure it is the best quality possible.   The darker, richer and more organic the chocolate with lower quantity milk/sugar content, the less you need to satisfy yourself.


I forget to take my supplements

  • Leave them in a place you constantly go to - if necessary with different pots in different places (if you take some at night for example vitamin C is more effective at night, leave by the bed)
  • If this is when you go out, have a small container (little individual washed out honey/jam pots for example) with one of each in your handbag/briefcase/desk
  • Pack them in your lunch box
  • Ask your Kinesiologist to check that you haven't got a fundamental conflict


I don't like / have time for breakfast

  • Oatcakes, nuts, seeds, bananas are portable for later in the morning
  • Get your kinesiologist to balance your adrenals.  If they are working correctly you should wake up hungry.
  • Try mixing a protein shake smoothie - this can be more palatable than eating
  • Soak oats, chopped nuts, seeds etc with water/almond milk/honey overnight in the fridge - so much more digestible in the morning
  • 9-bars are delicious and come in different flavours - or make your own portable breakfast bars


I hope this has given you some ideas.  If you have any other burning habits you can't kick, let me know and I'll be happy to help if I can.....

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  1. Linda Belcher

    Absolutely Peter. I have helped people kick all sorts of habits with kinesiology - including smoking - I have emailed you

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  2. Peter Johnson

    Can Kinesiology help me give up smoking?

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