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What do you Do?

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I was at a function the other day where the inevitable question came up “what do you do”.  

Hmm…. in my “pre-Partnered” days of (rare) clubbing and discos (showing my age now) I would experiment with such lofty titles of “Trainee Brain Surgeon” or, “Private Investigator” and when in a more frivolous mood, “Stripper”.!

Now I have a quandary.  All the marketing advice tells us that we should explain the RESULTS not the TOOL and it should be snappy - so some of my esteemed colleagues say such things as “I make people feel wonderful and full of health” or “I use natural health methods and a range of techniques to restore people’s health and vitality”.  Somehow that all doesn’t sit right with me – I’m not saying it’s wrong, just that it doesn’t fit my personality or feel right for me.

When I was newly qualified I tried “Kinesiologist”, which was usually met with a quizzical “what’s that” and then followed by glazed eyes as I went into long explanations of how marvellous it is and how muscles work and how meridiens are connected and how it is holistic and how I can test food and supplements blah blah blah and getting my knickers in a twist over-complicating it.

What I WANT to convey is that

  • Kinesiology uses muscle testing
  • Each muscle relates to an organ, meridien and chinese 5 element
  • It is truly holistic as it covers emotional, chemical, nutritional, physical and electro-magnetic factors
  • It is really cool
  • Its a bit like having several therapies in one
  • It saves you money buying expensive supplements from a chemist that are not right for you and end up in the cupboard unused
  • It gets to the nub of the problem and is multi-layered
  • I teach it too....

I have tried “Complementary Therapist – Reflexology, Massage, Kinesiology” but that sounds a bit boring and ordinary (which of course it’s not)

How about “I’m a Natural Health Practitioner – I use a multi-disciplinary approach of kinesiology and reflexology to help people gain, maintain or return to health – I also do a bit of massage and reiki”  Bit long maybe – dismisses the “also’s a bit”?

Now I ignore all the advice and stick to “I’m a Kinesiologist” as it is my main Practice and the one I want to promote the most.   I (hope) I have learned the trick of then explaining that in such a way as to not to bore the pants off everyone. 

So if YOU would like to know what kinesiology is and what it can do for you, give me a ring – I promise not to bore you AND I offer a free initial health consultation and demonstration so you can try it for yourself.!

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