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CONFESSION TIME – I really like the Little Mix new single “Little Me”.   Yep as a 54 year old definitely non-groupie non-X-Factor non-girl/boy band type, that song really spoke to me and it got me thinking, what would I tell me “little me” if I could.  Of course there are many therapies that do use this kind of technique – hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, TFT and even kinesiology has tools and exercises that aim to redress the balance of old unhelpful thought patterns, but somehow the beat of the song and simple mature lyrics really hit home.

So, Little Linda, this is what I say to you…

  1. You are not “too tall”, “too fat”, “wrong shape”, “too clever”, “too geeky”, “boring”, and all those other useless, ridiculous, unhelpful misconceptions that you put on yourself which will create completely untrue “beliefs”.    You are, in the words of Goldilocks “just right”

  2. You may not know it now but you will travel the world and meet wonderful people.  You will have the confidence (yes you will) to travel alone – no not alone, as an independent traveller – so at the moment you can’t walk into a room without quaking, but just wait, you will hitch a lift in Singapore (not recommended by the way, but turned out ok..!), get serious squits in India (not exactly fun but one of those hindsight memories..), see so many wondrous places.  You will have fabulous jobs – and won’t be “just a typist”. You will even change career at 48 and be self-employed..!

  3. It is not a crime or arrogant to think big or want to be the best you can be.  Don’t think you serve the world by hiding away or being small (Marianne Williamson)

  4. Do not slouch into your hip at the bus stop – you will create a lifetime of pelvic problems – fill the space and be tall….

  5. Speak Up – your opinions are valid, they do count, you are entitled to them.  It is OK if no-one agrees with you, it really is and it is OK that you disagree with them.  Healthy conflict is GOOD….  Constructive disagreements are HEALTHY.  Argue well, don’t be afraid – you are a “good girl” but can have contentious moments too.

  6. Dare to be different


  8. Keep up the dancing – it’s fabulous, fun, and really good for you

  9. When your sister tells you she didn’t knock your favourite ornament off your bedroom windowsill, believe her – she didn’t – it was the wind blowing the curtain.

  10. If all else fails and you don’t heed this advice, don’t worry – you’ll become a Kinesiologist and be able to sort it all out in the end.!!!

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